Gameplay Video for New Players Coming Soon

How to Install

  • Install Diablo 2 + LOD from

  • Download and run the Leoric installer to your Diablo II folder

  • Run the Realm List file included with the installer

  • Still need help? More support at

Game Rules

  • Create a Hardcore character

  • Join or create an FFA, 2v2v2v2, or 4v4 game

  • Enter the castle once all players and teams are ready

  • The first player or team to kill King Leoric is the winner

  • Use the looking-for-game channel to organize matches

FFA and Team PvP

Battle against other heroes in hardcore FFA, 2v2v2v2, and 4v4 PvP Matches

Survive the castle bosses

Defeat Balrog, Archbishop Lazarus, The Butcher, Gharbad, Etrigran, and the Black Knight

Outlast other players

Risk your life fighting enemy players

Upgrade your gear

Spend your gold at the goblin merchants for runewords and potions

Slay King Leoric

Be the first to last hit King Leoric

Patch Notes

New main menu music
3 new mercenary vendors are now available in the Attic.

Whirlwind speed has been changed to its earlier state
Traps should now be functioning correctlyExperience required now increases per level

It has received a remodel. Lachdanan had new tile put in
Stone pillars now shoot fireballsNew monsters have been added
New monsters have been addedGargoyle traps have increased in level
New monsters have been added
The trap door in the cemetery has been relocated above the gardenArchbishop Lazarus' atlar is now electrifiedGargoyle traps have increased in level
Potion of Speed, Health, Mana, Resistances, Thorns, and Armor have increased in costPotions and Elixirs of Experience now give more experienceAntidote Potion has been addedSocket Skulls have increased in costRing of Respecialization has decreased in cost

King Leoric
Physical and magic resistances have been increasedNew Abilties (Meteor and Bone Prison)
New Abilities (Poison Bolt)
The Black Knight
Movement speed increase
Elite Monsters
Increased in levelGold drops have been changed