How to Install

  • Install Diablo 2 + LOD from

  • Download and run the Leoric installer to your Diablo II folder

  • Still need help? More support at

Game Rules

  • Create a Hardcore character

  • Join or create a 4v4 game

  • Enter the castle once all players and teams are ready

  • Slay King Leoric or eliminate the enemy team to win

  • Use the looking-for-game channel to organize matches

FFA and Team PvP

Battle against other heroes in hardcore FFA, 2v2v2v2, and 4v4 PvP Matches

Survive the castle bosses

Defeat Balrog, Archbishop Lazarus, The Butcher, Gharbad, Etrigran, and the Black Knight

Outlast other players

Risk your life fighting enemy players

Upgrade your gear

Spend your gold at the goblin merchants for runewords and potions

Slay King Leoric

Be the first to last hit King Leoric

Patch Notes

Disenchanting Dust has been addedUniques can now be disenchanted into runes, unique jewels, and perfect gems
Ethereal Dust has been addedNormal, Rare, and Unique items can be transmuted into ethereals

Goblin Vendors
The shop has been rearrangedMany shop items are now color coded with tooltipsPotions and Elixirs of Experience have doubled in priceSome runes have increased or decreased in cost
Lowered the mana cost on Enigma's teleport skillUniques can now be socketedItems now have durabilityMissle runewords can now be created from throwing weaponsBosses now drop new itemsBounty Potions now drop off of monstersSocketed Skulls have increased in priceThawing and Antidote Potions are now 200 gold eachRing of Respecialization cost has been reduced to 1000 gold
The UI font has been changed
The menu background has been changed
Fallen mobs in the castle have the correct voice linesMonsters now give slightly less experience
Ogden has been removed from the Attic
Whirlwind mana cost has been reduced
Charge mana cost has been reduced
Increased base mana cost of teleportDecreased mana cost required per level of teleportMeteor cooldown has been lowered
New trap door that leads to the Sepulcher has been addedSome rooms have been removed or redesigned
Captain Lachdanan has redecorated his room and has a new wardrobeLachdanan now longer returns to lifeLachdanan now has Guards
Several rooms have been reduced in sizeEtrigan's room now has a doorwayFewer fireball towers
A boss has been addedThe map has been completely redesigned